UHS Lighting &
Energy Services
Reducing energy consumption and cost is the
easiest and most effective way to increase your
bottom line.  At the same time you will increase
your property value and improve the appearance
of your facility.  
Proper lighting has been proven to create a
higher level learning environment and a better
place to work.  The savings can be used for
other needed upgrades or to improve academic
Lighting can be an overwhelming expense in a
busy 24/7 365 day operation.  The right light can
also increase comfort and safety for the patients
and staff, increasing productivity and lowering
Increased light levels, proper color (CRI) and
equal light distribution can make for a more
comfortable productive work environment.  
Many government facilities must comply with
new federally mandated energy requirements.
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Companies can save money by participating in an incentive program and implementing
energy related upgrades or projects that encourage a permanent reduction in energy
demand.  UHS works with programs offering among the highest incentive rebate dollars
available in the market.  UHS is also able to help clients maximize their incentives through its
knowledge of and experience with all the opportunities available through the programs.

UHS manages the full administrative process on behalf of the client.  UHS will complete all
necessary paperwork for the approval process, generate required calculations, submit
material specifications, schedule installation, and coordinate pre and post inspections.

Energy upgrades can be done with only a 20%-30% of the project cost to the client.
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